Blackened Canteen Ceremony

This ceremony is co-hosted by the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, National Park Service, and Dr. Hiroya Sugano, M.D.

Dr. Hiroya Sugano, Director General of the Zero Fighter Admirers’ Club, comes from Japan to conduct this annual commemoration of peace and reconciliation ceremony with a silent prayer and pouring of bourbon whiskey from a World War II-blackened canteen into the hallowed waters of Pearl Harbor as an offering to the spirits of the fallen.

The blackened canteen is a recovered relic from a B-29 bomber that collided with another B-29 over the city of Shizuoka, Japan in 1945. Twenty-three American airmen were killed. The American dead were buried among the Japanese citizens of Shizuoka who were killed during the bombing raid.

Reservations Required

The public is invited on a first-come, first-served basis by calling Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum event coordinator Gary Meyers, 808-282-6570, for reservations.